Performing across Western New York and beyond, Buffalo native Steve Balesteri finds himself equally at home on both small and large stages alike.  Over the years Steve has not only developed what is an ever-growing catalogue of cover songs, but has also created a project that has the ability to perform in a number of configurations.  By being able to perform as anywhere from a solo act up to an 11-piece band, Steve is able tailor his shows to nearly any audience or venue, all while maintaining his signature sound and a top-quality show.  Steve’s repertoire also includes a growing list of his original material which can be heard at many of his shows.  Read on to learn more about each of these projects...

Acoustic show

Steve's "bread and butter" and most frequent performance option is his "one-man-band acoustic" show.  Utilizing looping and vocal processing technologies, these performances feature layers of looped beatboxed percussion, bass-lines, guitars and harmonies.  At his shows, Steve performs anything from Pop to Rock to Country to R&B to Jazz, always putting his own spin on the material, allowing him to seamlessly transition between styles and genres.  This setup is the perfect option for a wide range of events where space or budgets may not allow for a full band, including: cocktail hours, wedding ceremonies, restaurants, bars, lounges, private parties and more!

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The Uptown Sound

The full band, The Uptown Sound, is a group that features some of Western New York's top musicians teaming up to create an incredible live show.  The group also features an in-band DJ, providing the perfect mix of live and recorded music at their shows.  Not only does this allow them to have a virtually unlimited song-list, but it also allows them to keep the party going even when the band is taking a break!  They are able to seamlessly transition between the band and the DJ to create a non-stop party atmosphere!   

The group consists Steve Balesteri on Lead Vocals and Guitar as well as a Bassist, Drummer, Keyboardist, Percussionist/aux keys (for all those signature "Pop" sounds),  lead guitar and 3-piece horn section.  The group can perform as small as a duo and even has the ability to expand to a larger ensemble with more horns, vocals and even strings! 

Whether it is a cocktail hour at a premier event performing jazz standards or a full out dance party performing the latest dance hits straight off the Billboard Charts, The Uptown Sound is the perfect choice for any event.  

Original Show

Bringing Steve's original music to life, Steve's band gives that live energy to his recordings to create a show that is fit for the big stage!  Taking the same approach to original music as to their cover performances, these performances can also range from an acoustic act to a full band, making it perfect for a wide range of venues and allowing the band to put a different spin on the songs depending where they are playing.  Regardless if it is an intimate solo acoustic show at a club or a full band at a festival, these performances are something you will not want to miss!


With options for ceremonies, cocktail hours, dinners and receptions, Steve is a frequent favorite at many wedding and events.  For more information please visit the "Weddings" page above or by clicking HERE.